Elixir Fund Celebrates 10 Years

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“I want to teach about hope, faith, making the experience your own. Call things what you want to call them. Believe in miracles when no one else has hope… It is important to surround yourself with, or train if need be, as many people as possible who support your positive approach.”

~Kevin McQuarrie

Join us as we celebrate the Power of Ten

Ten years ago, inspired, or trained if you will, by Kevin McQuarrie and his life-affirming approach to cancer treatment, the Elixir Fund was born. As we celebrate this milestone tenth year of creating a better, more comfortable journey for cancer patients and their caregivers, we want to thank you and reflect on a decade of deeds well delivered. YOU were the reason these experiences were made possible:

  1. Formed ongoing relationships/partnerships with health care organizations.
  2. Established a variety of programs in a total of nine hospitals on both the east and west coasts.
  3. Provided makeover services to over 100 patients.
  4. Created music programs for patients.
  5. Supported patients and caregivers throughout the US to identify and access services in their local communities.
  6. Offered art supplies and activities for children with cancer and children of cancer patients.
  7. Provided photos and decorations for Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and the University Medical Center at Princeton.
  8. Provided makeover sessions and live music for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles’ Family Photo Weekend.
  9. Initiated the “Bridges to Wellness” program bringing wellness professionals, patients, caregivers, and hospital staff together in hospital and community settings.
  10. Bringing communities together to offer supportive resources straight to the cancer patient and their families, regardless of diagnosis or economic status, with the creation of the Elixir Fund Registry, Cancer Concierge service.

It is with great anticipation that we announce the launch of the Elixir Fund Registry in 2013. We will soon begin beta testing on this unique, new program that will provide direct comfort and support to even more cancer patients and caregivers across the country. The Elixir Fund Registry will be a place for those affected by cancer to register for items such as groceries, housekeeping services, lawn care or massage; and where friends and family can purchase these items to be gifted to the patient or caregiver. It is the perfect answer to “How can I help?”

To make this service a success, we are looking for reputable professionals and businesses that are willing to sell gift certificates for their goods and services through our site. We welcome your suggestions. If you are a business owner or vendor or have a business or service you would like to recommend, we would like to know. Below are some of the services we are looking for and additional ways that businesses can help. If you would like to recommend a vendor or have a business and would like to become more involved with the Elixir Fund Registry please contact us.

Ten Comfort Care Giving Ideas:

1)    Grocery Gift Card
2)    Restaurant Gift Card
3)    Gas Gift Card / Taxi vouchers
4)    Dog Walking / Pet Sitting
5)    Housekeeping Services / Lawn Care
6)    Manicure / Pedicure, Facial, Massage, or other spa services
7)    Yoga, meditation, or other complementary therapy services
8)    Walmart / Target Gift cards which can be used for prescriptions, food, clothing, etc.
9)    Family Outings – movie gift certificates, arts & crafts, zoo, etc.
10) Carpools / play dates for children of a patient

Ten Ways that Businesses Can Get Involved:

1)    List your item or service on the Elixir Fund Registry
2)    Advertise the Elixir Fund Registry at your place of business or on your web site
3)    Purchase ad space on the Elixir Fund Registry
4)    Run a promotion in your business to help kick off the Elixir Fund Registry by donating a portion of a day or week’s proceeds
5)    Help the Elixir Fund identify additional businesses that may be interested in participating
6)    Host a company party or event to raise awareness about the Elixir Fund and/or as a fundraiser
7)    Register the Elixir Fund with your company’s employee giving program
8)    Sponsor one of our 2013 Anniversary Celebrations
9)    Have a collection jar at the front desk or cash register for the Elixir Fund
10) Donate an item for our online auction or for our West or East Coast events

Kevin attributed his seemingly unwavering positive attitude during almost two years of continual treatment to the comfort and support he received from family, friends, and even strangers. Recognizing how valuable that support was to him, he wanted to find a way to pay it forward. The Elixir Fund was created to do just that.

Thank you for continuing with us on the journey that Kevin started. We look forward to another decade of making a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their caregivers.