The Elixir Fund Registry

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The Elixir Fund Registry is a unique, new program that answers both questions “How can I help?” and “Where can I receive help?”title_image

Since our founding in 2003, we have heard from patients and caregivers across the country looking for support- financial, emotional, and physical. What few people realize is that of the billions of dollars raised in support of cancer research each year, little is available to help those who are living with cancer today. While it is difficult for any organization to provide meaningful financial assistance, the Elixir Fund has developed a program that will hep to meet some of the day-to-day needs that those impacted by cancer have difficulty with, as well as provide some of the little extras that ease the journey with cancer.

Similar to a bridal or gift registry, the Elixir Fund Registry is an online portal that allows patients and caregivers to register for or create a “wish list” from available items such as meals, transportation, housekeeping, pet care, spa services, and more. They can also create customized items that are typically non-purchase items such as play dates for children, carpools, or someone to pick up a prescription. Friends and family can fulfill these wish lists by purchasing items through our site or by¬†registering to fulfill customized requests.

We have built the Registry and are now looking for volunteers to help us test it.

If you:

* Have experience with cancer as a patient or caregiver
* Work with cancer patients as a doctor, nurse, social worker, etc.
* Have experience with any chronic illness as a patient or caregiver
We would appreciate your input.

If you would like more information about the Elixir Fund Registry, how you might be able to participate in testing, or if you would like a demonstration of the Registry, please contact us.