Team Kevin & the NJ State Tri

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TEAM KEVIN in the NJ State Triathlon

The Elixir Fund was honored to have TEAM KEVIN -Suzie Baer, Susan Haws Clifford, Jenny Godnick, Erin Kemmerer Hoesly and Jill Brown McConnell representing the Elixir Fund in the 2014 NJ State Triathlon on July 19, 2014.

IMG_1052Jenny, Suzie, Erin, Jill, and Susan¬†were all childhood friends and WWPHS classmates of Kevin McQuarrie. While Kevin passed away in 2003, his amazing spirit and positive outlook now live on through the Elixir Fund. With Kevin’s wishes at the forefront, the Elixir Fund was created to provide amenities, services, programs and therapies to cancer patients to relieve the side effects of treatment and ease the cancer journey. It was with that spirit in mind that TEAM KEVIN was formed.


TEAM KEVIN set a fundraising goal of $10,000 and SO FAR they have raised $14,000. You can still support TEAM KEVIN by making a donation below:

or by sending a check to:
Elixir Fund
PO Box 326
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550







swimerin run_suzie



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Thank you to our generous donors:

Brian Hoesly-Go Team Kevin. You girls rock!
Shawn McConnell
Rachel Scup
Susan Clifford
Maureen Kemmerer
Maeve Smith
Go Team Kevin!! Love Sherley and Newt Godnick
Denise Hewitt- Amazing ladies!
Francis Haddad
Joyce Nyberg
Joyce Cirullo
Barbara Haws
Richele Lieboff
Mary Grove
Joanne O’Keefe – Good luck Erin!!
Kristin Patrican
Jessica Adams
Shawn Matte
Cynthia Burns
Colleen Brown
Kelly Jung
Stephanie Moody
Holly Viane – Good luck Jill and Team Kevin!!!!!
Susan O’Leary
Karen Waystack
Jennifer Nye
Janet Josephson
Dan Redmond
Frank Lynch
Julie Casciola – Good Luck Girls and have fun!!!
Brian Hanifin
Julie England – Awesome women doing awesome work! Thank you!
Kerry Murphy
Amy Mansue
Christine Oconnell
Noel Gilbert
Sara Sherman
Go Team Kevin! Tammy Pawliski
The spirit of Kevin will be with you! Leslie Fisher
Jake Kurdsjuk
Go Jill and all of TEAM KEVIN!- Tom Lodge
Somlok Leung
Green Mountain/Keurig Matching Program
You go girls! – Nancy Murphy
Kim Roman
Richard McLaughlin
Laurie Langbein- Keep up the great work for such a wonderful cause!!
Bill & Lauren-Taylor Nash
Janice Bremec
Beth Kiesner
Andrew Kalwa
Karen Brownfield
Marion Norman
Alice Beene
Thurston Atkins
Cathy Hopkins
Steve Altamore
Kelly Wilden
Debbie Baer
Best of luck! Michael Kole
Stacy Godnick
Amy Kauffman
Jeanne Haws
Andrea McDougall
Keith Johnson
Linda D’Orlando-Jen, you are a hero in more ways than one! Thanks for doing this!
Natan Gore
Felicia Spitz – Jenny, you are such an inspiration and for a truly wonderful cause!!!
Jan Pittas
Peter Cornish – Best of luck ladies!
Doug McQuarrie
Jodi Johnston
Angela Leonard Perone – Good luck TEAM KEVIN!
Margaret Baer
Neal Rothleder
Jill Beene
Michael Godnick
Deb Karvelas
Heidi Williams
Mary Tagliaferri
Patti Cosby
Dawn Kurtz
Good luck Jill McConnell-much love, Margot, Jim and the girls.
Kristin Cabral
Collete Jacquet
Francis Kemmerer
Allison Kemmerer
Carole McQuarrie- Thank you all.
Kurt Heinrich
Kathryn Mills
Teresa Clawson-Keeton
Olivia Jacquet
Kirsten Beske
Elizabeth Grillo
Jeanmarie Karvelas
Amy Steinhauser
Paula Anderson
Lisa Palmer
John C. Kemmerer- Good luck, Ladies.
Jill Hutchinson
Mark Tamis
Margaret Clarkson
HealthSource of West Windsor
Jenny Godnick
Jill McConnell
Lila Kahn
John M. Kemmerer
Bob Shearer
Elizabeth Miller
Samara Berger
Suzie Baer
Clara Favale
Elizabeth Elliott & Kevin McKelvey