Chiropractic West

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Once again our event at Chiropractic West was a huge success. Dr. Debra Pear hosted the Elixir Fund at her office for the 11th Annual Chiropractic West Fundraiser for the Elixir Fund. Guests enjoyed delicious food and were offered chair massages for a donation and were able to participate in a raffle for incredible prizes. Special guest Mike Harney who plays Sam Healy on “Orange is the New Black” was on hand to greet our guests and answer questions about the show.

Dr. Debra Pear (l) with Mike Harney & Meg McQuarrie (r)

Dr. Debra Pear (l) with Mike Harney & Meg McQuarrie (r)

IMG_2361                            DSCN0049                      DSCN0046For more photos from the event, visit our Facebook page.

We would like to thank Dr. Debra Pear and her staff, all of our guests, Mike Harney, and all of our incredible donors:

Sylvia Torres-HBO
Kim Hitchcock-Universal Music
Chris Joffe- Joffe Emergency Services
Cindy Holland-Netflix
Tina Jimenez- Nikelodeon
Josephina Leon- Disney
Liz Ruscio- ABC
Rochelle Tepper- Massage
John Elliot- Golf Lessons
Liz Arch- Yoga
Carlos Requejo- Pilates
Linda Finley- Body Fat Testing
Meagan McBain- Smoothie Book
Kelly Darr- Grammy Foundation
Lori Nakama – Paramount bag
Jamie Braucht – Universal tickets
Robin Potts Williams- Premiere Jewelry
Susan Zymroz/MaryBeth NBA
Sonia Ulrich- Training sessions
Evelyne Householder- Nuts
Derek Johnson- Cleanse
Jackie Nith- Red Bull
Ben Bryan- RedBull
Matt Marcy- Magic Castle
Kim Garsed- Urban Dog
Stacie Griesbach- Sony DVD
Grace Nym- Sony PlayStation
Adria Tennor- Barbrix
Susanne Keene- Life coaching