Elixir Fund’s Fall Events

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Over the last couple of years the attendance at our East & West coast Auctions/events have been declining. We took this as a sign that we needed to change our events so, for this fall, we will not be holding an East Coast Auction or West Coast event. We welcome your suggestions for future events and if you would like to serve on a planning committee for an event that is VERY welcome. Or, if you would like to plan an event to benefit the Elixir Fund, we would be thrilled and are happy to talk with you about how we can support such an event. Examples of events that others have hosted are dodgeball tournaments, and open house at their office, participating in a marathon or triathlon to benefit the Elixir Fund, and more.

In the meantime, we hope that our west coast friends will join us Saturday, August 16 from 4-7pm at our annual Chiropractic West Open House/Fundraiser in Santa Monica, CA  and you can support the Elixir Fund by donating in support of Meg McQuarrie who will be running the Parks 1/2 Marathon in Sept. as a benefit of the Elixir Fund.

As always, we thank you so much for all of your support. We will miss seeing you at this year’s events, but hope we can come together next year for an even bigger and better event.