Celebrating 12 Years of Elixir

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This spring marks the Elixir Fund’s 12-year anniversary. As we share the Elixir Fund Registry with potential businesses, we are repeatedly asked, “Where do you get your funding?” The answer is from you—our incredible donors.

The Elixir Fund Registry has been a huge undertaking and as we embark on the next phase of this project where we actually launch the Registry pilot, we are at a critical point. We need agreeable patients and viable businesses to participate, so we are looking to our most valuable resource—YOU.

Partnership with Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center – We are happy to share that Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center has embraced the project and will work directly with us on testing the registry. The staff will make laptops available to patients and will help walk them through the registration process.

Partnerships with local and online businesses – Many partners in the community have already stepped forward to partake in this unique business opportunity, but we are still looking for online and NJ based businesses that would like to offer their services, for sale, through the Elixir Fund Registry. We know there is no better compliment to quality assurance than a recommendation for an excellent service or product. So here is your opportunity to share with us your recommendations on our survey.

Setting up a Wish List helps us to help others – When we initially created the Elixir Fund Registry we knew that the biggest hurdle would be to find those initial testers. For many of us, it is difficult to ask for help. So often when we first reach out to patients, we hear, “Save that for someone who really needs it.” We cannot help those “who really need it” until we launch the service. By participating in the testing and creating a Wish List that you share with friends and family, you are making it possible for us to help others down the road.

Please read on for specific ways that you can help us kick off the next phase of this incredible program and fill our survey or contact us with your recommendations. As always, thank you for your support. We would not be celebrating our 12th anniversary if it were not for you.


➢Help us test the Elixir Fund Registry –
If you, or a loved, one are living with cancer or other chronic illness, you can give back to your community by participating in the Elixir Fund Registry Testing. All you need to do is create a wish list from available services and/or create your own customized wish list on the Elixir Fund Registry and then share it with friends and family. You have probably already been told by many “Please let me know how I can help?” The Elixir Fund Registry provides an easy way to answer that generous offer without having to ask directly, and by guiding friends and family in a direction that is most beneficial to you. There is no cost for setting up a Wish List.

Help to find businesses. Share your business champions. Just pass along your ideas and we’ll connect with them-
We are looking for reliable, NJ based* and online businesses of all types that would be willing to offer their services, for sale not for free, through our site. There is no cost for the businesses during the testing phase. All money, minus credit card fees, will be forwarded to the participating businesses.
*Our goal is to make this a nationwide service, but we are focusing the testing in NJ.

We are looking for restaurants, licensed and bonded housekeeping and pet care services, spas, salons, financial services, grocery stores, gas stations, home organizers, family activities – anything that you think would provide support or comfort to someone who is impacted by a chronic illness.

Help us fund our Elixir Fund Registry efforts through a donation or in a fun way-
We greatly appreciate your donations in support of the Elixir Fund Registry. You can fill out and return the enclosed form, or you can organize a fundraiser of your own.

We are pleased to announce that TEAM KEVIN will be participating in the Panasonic New York City Triathlon and we have a new TEAM KEVIN that will be participating in the TCS New York City Marathon on behalf of the Elixir Fund. You can make a donation in support of either team using the above links, or you can design a fundraiser of your own. Friends of Elixir have organized everything from lemonade stands, to bake sales, to dodgeball tournaments and holiday parties in support of the Elixir Fund.

We value your input, and suggestions. If you have businesses you would like to recommend or know someone who might be willing to help with testing, please fill out our survey or contact us.