There are many ways to donate life.

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Yesterday I had the honor of participating in the NJ Sharing Network’s 5th Annual 5K as part of TEAM SUSIE. NJ Sharing Network is an organization dedicated to organ and tissue donation. I joined Susie’s family and friends to honor her gift of life as an organ donor along with thousands of other donors, donor families, organ recipients, and their families. It is truly a heartwarming event.

Yesterday was also National Cancer Survivor’s Day. These two events are both celebrations of life but they are also linked in other ways. Cancer treatment can take a toll on the body and those impacted by cancer may find themselves, later down the line, in need of an organ donation. Those impacted by cancer may also choose to become organ and/or tissue donors.

However, beyond organ and tissue donation, there are other ways to “donate life.” You can register to become a stem cell or marrow donor. You can also donate blood, platelets and other blood products. These are often needed by those going through cancer treatment and are greatly needed by others as well. You can donate to a blood bank, but you can often make a directed donation to a specific patient, if you know someone going through treatment that might need platelets or whole blood.
So consider “donating life” in whatever way suits you.

Register to become an organ or tissues donor:
Register to become a tissue or stem cell donor:
Find our where you can donate blood or platelets: or search for hospitals or blood donation services in your local area.

If you cannot donate for whatever reason, you can also help by spreading the word. Organs, tissue, marrow, stem cells, blood and blood products are needed by so many. So #celebrate life by helping to #donate life.