Mission Impossible

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When we first decided to move forward with the creation of the Elixir Fund, one of Kevin’s doctors said to me, “It is hard to do good.” It was not meant in a negative way, but rather as words of encouragement to hang in there. While keeping the Elixir Fund going over these last 12 years sometimes seems like an impossible mission, we are a grassroots effort and continue to move forward because of many wonderful friends and family-and people who have become family; because if you befriend one McQuarrie, you soon become a member of the Clan.

So today, as I plan to head into New York for the premiere of Mission Impossible 5, I wanted to take a moment to cheer on some members of the Elixir Fund Family. My brother, Chris wrote and directed the movie, which of course is very exciting. But I am equally as excited and also wanted to congratulate Joe Kraemer who did the score for the movie, and Dylan Kussman who is one of the screenwriters. Before their Mission Impossible fame, they were in a band called GUM that played at a few Elixir Fund Auctions. As you can imagine, they are very near and dear to our hearts and are two of the many friends and family that have supported us all of these years.


(l to r) GUM: Zack Ryan, Joe Kraemer, Brandon Boyce, Dylan Kussman