You need not worry

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When Kevin first came home from Arizona after trying an alternative treatment, for what would be his final weeks, we were still trying to figure out what came next. During Kevin’s hospital stays, we would often supplement hospital food with takeout from nearby restaurants. My mom found a wonderful Mongolian stir-fry restaurant and it became one of our go-to comfort foods. As a result, the woman at the register began to recognize my mom.

This visit was no different, and one night, as mom was paying for the food, she briefly told the woman at the register that she was getting food for her son who was in the hospital. The woman carefully chose a fortune cookie and she said, “This is for him.” When my mom returned and told Kevin the story, he cracked it open and the fortune read, “You need not worry about your future.” We all lit up with wide smiles and tears in our eyes.

I will tell you that I personally did not interpret this as a sign that Kevin would pull another miracle and would be released from the hospital. I truly think that deep down we all knew what was next. However, it was a much needed reminder that no matter what, we need not worry.

Kevin had long been a student of meditation and energy work. He had a belief in the power of positive energy and positive thinking. Being diagnosed with cancer will certainly put that belief to the test, and it did. Not that Kevin didn’t have his moments, but he talked the talk, walked the walk, and it spread to those around him. Kevin firmly believed that he would survive, even if he died. Regardless of your faith, it is apparent that his spirit has survived in a variety of ways.

It is a life lesson for all, not just those diagnosed with cancer or facing a chronic illness. Worrying about the future won’t prevent whatever it is you are worrying about and it may actually keep you from finding the answers that you seek. It will certainly prevent you from enjoying the present. This is not necessarily a “one and done” type of thing. It often takes frequent reminders- sometimes daily and as I have learned during my marathon training sometimes block by block. I will tell you from experiences – both big and small- there are huge rewards.