The Prana Group joins the Elixir Fund Registry

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We are very excited to announce that the Prana Group has joined the Elixir Fund Registry. The Prana Group provides the best of both worlds, utilizing cutting edge medical strategies and onco-genetics paired with a holistic point of view. PRANA LOGO

Prana believes that the best approach when faced with a cancer diagnosis is an integrative approach. They do not just focus on your cancer, they focus on all of you. Detoxifying, nourishing, and replenishing your whole body, both physically and emotionally, provides you the best chance for a healthy future.

The Prana journey includes a functional approach to nutrition; exploring what supplements you may be able to integrate into your treatment that will work synergistically; and providing resources for the use of thermal therapy in your home. Prana will help you to incorporate juicing, smoothies, nourishing soups, and easily absorbable food into your life. This includes a focus on healing the gut, which is a huge determinant of health and wellness.

Supporting all of the underlying systems of your body, and working on what is out of balance, you will be equipped for your best chance at recovery and a vibrant life.

For more information on the services that Prana provides, visit their site