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We are excited to announce the creation of the MAMOCF grant in conjunction with the Elixir Fund Registry.

The Elixir Fund and the Mary Anne Mazanec Ovarian Cancer Foundation (MAMOCF) have a long history of working together. MAMOCF was created by Tom Mazanec and his family in honor of his late wife Mary Anne. They provided grants to ovarian cancer patients in the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas to help with any of their financial needs- medical bills, childcare, transportation, utilities, rent, food, etc.

In 2016, for a variety of reasons, MAMOCF decided to close. You may remember that fortunately for us, Tom Mazanec, who shares our vision of helping those undergoing cancer treatment, joined our board and is now the chair. In addition, MAMOCF provided money to the Elixir Fund in support of the Elixir Fund Registry. It is from that donation that we have established MAMOCF grant which we will use to supplement wish lists of patients and caregivers that are part of the Elixir Fund Registry. This grant is open to anyone that is participating in the registry.

If you would like more information on MAMOCF grant and how to apply, please contact us.