Board Of Directors

Meg McQuarriephoto

Founder and Executive Director. Meg’s training is in environmental science and coastal geology. She started her career in the nonprofit sector, moved over to science research and then teaching before returning to her roots in nonprofit by founding the Elixir Fund. Meg has served on the board of the Vanguard Cancer Foundation and in her role as Executive Director of the Elixir Fund sits on the Hunterdon County Chronic Disease Coalition.

Tom Mazanec

Chair of the Board, Tom is a retired data processing professional with 38 years’ experience. Before joining the Elixir Fund Tom was the founder and president of the Mary Anne Mazanec Ovarian Cancer Foundation whose mission was to provide direct financial support to women with ovarian cancer. Tom’s experience as a caregiver to his wife, Mary Anne, who passed away in 2008 gives him insight into the challenges the Elixir Fund faces. With degrees in Mathematics and Finance and 12 years’ experience as a consultant and business owner, Tom is well-qualified to advocate for and to support the mission of the Elixir Fund.

Nancy Murphy

Nancy Murphy-2

Nancy Murphy

Chief Financial Officer and Kevin’s friend since first grade. Nancy has been a caregiver to many friends and family who have dealt with cancer treatment. She has a BS in Management, with a concentration in Finance from Boston College. Nancy has several years experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Laura Quinn

Laura Quinn is a seasoned communications and marketing professional with over 30 years of lauraexperience in public relations, community affairs, and cause-related marketing. Laura has managed philanthropic projects through her own free-lance consulting business, is a published magazine writer, and has served as a Director of Communications and Public Relations for a number of National organizations including: the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and a premier Education Association in New Jersey—NJPSA.
With a BA in Communications and Marketing, Laura has served on great number of committees—and continues to volunteer to create impact for worthwhile organizations like the Elixir Fund.

Jenny Godnick

Jenny and Kevin were also childhood friends and that makes her involvement with Elixir even more special. Jenny helped form and has been a part of the “Team Kevin” Triathlon team. In addition she is a kidney donor and is passionate about organ donation awareness. A middle school counselor, Jenny looks forward to continuing to be a part of all the great work Elixir does.

We recently added a number of new board members and are in the process of updating our information.

Board Members:

Kevin Manna

Elizabeth Miller

Maryann Rappa


Tim Jones

We would like to thank Tim Jones who recently stepped down after serving on the board since the Elixir Fund was founded. Tim was a part of the Elixir Fund before we even knew what it was or would be. We could not have made it this far without him and all of his support.

Honorary Board Members

Carol DeLuise

has spent a lifetime in the entertainment industry on television, in movies, and in the theater. She is a great supporter of the arts and many other philanthropic causes. Carol and her family were dear friends of Kevin McQuarrie and have been supporters of the Elixir Fund since its inception. We are so grateful for all of their friendship and support.


Carol & David DeLuise

David DeLuise

friend of Kevin’s, star of the Emmy Award Winning Disney show The Wizards of Waverly Place, and just all around wonderful supporter of the Elixir Fund.