• TEAM KEVIN in the Panasonic NYC Triathlon

    TEAM KEVIN is at it again! The Elixir Fund is honored to have TEAM KEVIN reunite -Suzie Baer, Susan Haws Clifford, Jenny Godnick, Jill Brown McConnell, and Rob Doolittle will be representing the Elixir Fund in the 2015 Panasonic NYC Triathlon on July 19, 2015.

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  • Happy Kevin’s 50th Birthday

    December 30, 2014 is Kevin's 50th Birthday. We invite you to celebrate with us by doing something that Kevin loved to do: *spend time with friends and family *see a movie (and sneak into a 2nd or 3rd) *commit a random act of kindness *or do whatever it is that makes you smile Thank you for helping us to share Kevin's spirit with others by bringing comfort and a smile to ...

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  • Changes to our Board

    As we close out 2014 and look forward to 2015, we are also making changes to our leadership. We would like to thank Jeff Goldberg for his eleven years of dedicated service as an Elixir Fund board member. Jeff has contributed greatly to the Elixir Fund, and was instrumental in getting the Elixir Fund off the ground. When Kevin passed, Jeff, a high school classmate, heard that we were hoping to start a nonprofit and reached ...

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  • Know your family history

    It is important to know your family health history This is a message that we think bears repeating. A key factor in taking care of your health is to know your family history. We just closed out Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and have entered Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Both cancers can have a genetic component and may run in families. However, just because a family member may have ovarian or breast cancer does not mean that other ...

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  • Parks Half Marathon

    She did it! On Sunday, September 14 our Executive Director Meg McQuarrie & Kurt Heinrich ran the Parks Half Marathon as a fundraiser for the Elixir Fund. Our thanks to everyone who supported Meg McQuarrie in her Parks Half Marathon Race to benefit the Elixir Fund. To date she has raised over $3,700 in support of her goal of $5,000. There is still time to help Meg reach ...

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