Choose Your Own Adventure 2022

LEADER BOARD Congratulations to all of our "racers." We logged over 1300 miles! Thank you for your support of the Elixir Fund. Until our next adventure... Name Miles Mode Total Lindsey B. 54.19 Walking 54.19 Martha B. 46.5 / 6.5 Walk /Run 53 Amy C. 32.56 Walk 32.56 John F. 9 /35.7 /3

TCS New York City Marathon

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN RUNNING FOR TEAM ELIXIR. WE HAVE FILLED ALL OF OUR ALLOTTED SPOTS. We are honored to once again be a charity partner for the TCS New York City Marathon, one of the most popular marathons in the United States. If you would like guaranteed entry

Celebrating 19 Years of Elixir

Celebrating 19 Years of Elixir Thank you It's that time of year again. Spring is on the horizon, and we are marking our nineteenth anniversary. The Elixir Fund Anniversary is bittersweet. Founded in honor of Kevin McQuarrie, it marks the anniversary of his death, but it also marks the beginning of all that he

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