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    1. The leaders were well prepared.

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    2. The classes were well organized.

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    3. As a result of this workshop, I have made changes to my lifestyle, i.e. health eating, exercise, etc.

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    4.I would recommend this workshop to a friend or relative.

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    5. What other changes have you made as a result of this class?

    6. Was this program helpful to you in gaining skills/tools to manage your overall health as a survivor and/or caregiver.


    7. Will you continue to use action planning as a tool?

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    8. What topic area would you rate as the most beneficial to you? (Choose from the dropdown menu)

    9. Are there specific topics you are interested in learning more about -- such as nutrition, integrative medicine (meditation, yoga), advanced directives, pain management, fatigue, etc?


    If Yes, please specify topics.

    10. After taking this workshop, I am more confident that I can manage my chronic condition(s). (rate 1-10 with, with 1 being not confident at all and 10 being totally confident)


    11. Other Comments or suggestions?