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Port Pillows

Our thanks to Jane Kraus for sewing Port Pillows for us. These small pillows have a velcro strap so that you can secure it to a seatbelt and provide a little cushion between the seatbelt and your port. If you, or someone you know, would like one, please contact us. They are free and

Cancer Thriving & Surviving Fall, 2022

Meg McQuarrie & Bonnie Petrauskas of Hunterdon Mercer Regional Chronic Disease Coalition will be co-facilitating a session of Cancer Thriving & Surviving in the Fall, 2022. This evidenced-based program was designed at Stanford with the goal of helping those impacted by cancer better mange the side-effects of treatment. These include physical and emotional side-effects

Make Plans

A cancer diagnosis can take over your life. Often it is difficult to know what your schedule will be due to treatment. Don't be afraid to make plans- big or small. Whether you plan to meet a friend for coffee or plan that anniversary trip to Bali; keep living and keep making memories.

Choose Your Own Adventure 2022

LEADER BOARD Congratulations to all of our "racers." We logged over 1300 miles! Thank you for your support of the Elixir Fund. Until our next adventure... Name Miles Mode Total Lindsey B. 54.19 Walking 54.19 Martha B. 46.5 / 6.5 Walk /Run 53 Amy C. 32.56 Walk 32.56 John F. 9 /35.7 /3

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