Support Shannon Moore in the Boston Marathon!

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Ready to Go!

April 16 was the 116th Boston Marathon and the 2nd hottest on record. Days before the BAA was offering runners an automatic deferal for next year. In the end, 4300 people dropped out, but Shannon Moore, running for the Elixir Fund, could not be stopped! Not only did she brave the heat, but she hit the road and had a great time doing it. For those who know Shannon, this comes as no surprise.

Shannon at Mile 17. The heat didn't seem to bother her.

The Elixir crew followed her along the race, catching up with her at mile 17 where she looked like it was just another day.  She crossed the finished line smiling and laughing and quickly freshened up, and then hit the town.

We have said it before, but it is worth repeating, we are so honored that Shannon chose to run for the elixir Fund. She has raised over $3,400 of her original $5000 goal. You can still donate in support of her amazing efforts.

After a quick freshening up, Shannon is ready to celebrate!


Or by mailing a check to:
Elixir Fund * PO Box 326 * Princeton Jct., NJ 08550

Elixir Crew at the start.

Thank you to all of Shannon’s Supporters:
Jack & Mindy Cross – With all our love & support, Mom & Dad xoxo

Monica Allegro-Frank & I would love to support your run in the Boston Marathon for Elixir. We both love that you run for such great causes, and through you it makes us feel like we’re doing it too! p.s. Thank you!

David DeLuise – Run Shannon, Run!

Ryan Cantor- Good luck Shannon!!! I hope it is your most memorable marathon, it is truly a special event and for a wonderful charity!

Sylvia Bernstein- Happy to donate towards your running. Just drink water in between! Buts ok buts ok! I love you and I am very proud of you xoxo

Kathy & Allen McQuarrie- Good luck Shannon!

Christine Walz- I’m so proud of you Shan! I’m so bummed I cannot be there this time to cheer you on! I will be there in spirit! You will be amazing!! Love you!

Elizabeth Miller – Best wishes supporting this amazing cause!

Charley Phillips- Happy Running! Love, Flat McKenna & Family 🙂

Dawn Landon – Way to go Shannon! We are cheering you on from CA for Elixir Fund! 🙂 Thank you!

Patty Kropp – Good luck from the Kropp family!

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