Parks Half Marathon

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She did it! On Sunday, September 14 our Executive Director Meg McQuarrie & Kurt Heinrich ran the Parks Half Marathon as a fundraiser for the Elixir Fund.


Our thanks to everyone who supported Meg McQuarrie in her Parks Half Marathon Race to benefit the Elixir Fund. To date she has raised over $3,700 in support of her goal of $5,000. There is still time to help Meg reach her goal and to get a copy of our Race T-shirt (see below) as a thank you gift.

Race T-shirt

We designed a special t-shirt for this event that Meg & Kurt wore during the race. On the front is the Elixir Fund logo and on the back listed are the names of some of the people -patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, social workers- that have inspired Meg over the years

For a $50 donation, we will send you a race t-shirt as a thank you (include your shirt size in the memo at checkout)

For a $75 donation, we invite you to include the name of a friend or loved one on the t-shirt and we will send you a t-shirt, with their name included, as a thank you (include the name you would like on the shirt and your shirt size in the memo at checkout).

Our thanks to our sponsor Bubbled Wall.


Front of the race t-shirt with the Elixir Fund logo

We would be honored to include the name of your friend or loved one on the back of the race t-shirt.

Help Meg reach her goal of $5,000. Donate below:   

or by sending a check to: Elixir Fund PO Box 326 Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Thank you to those who have donated:

Susan Clifford
Jack Silbert
Anamaria Baralt, Baralt Design
Jeremy Kessler
Gary Potter
Dorie Macomber
Patty Kropp
Connie Hoyos Nervi
Henriette Mantel
Ellen Reyda
Cathy Clancy Kavanaugh
Rick Shalayda
Nancy Murphy & Phil Doherty
Ginnette Watkins-Keller
Julie England
Sarah Edenbaum
Kurt Heinrich
Alice Beene
Jenny Godnick
Jen Geiger
Kevin & Dina Reilly
Kathie Dixon Wheeler
Elmar & Eileen Heinrich
Allen & Kathy McQuarrie
Kris Melnick
Tom Rooney
Julie Eames
Claire Neely
Kathy Hughes
Jennifer Chace
Lora Kurtenbach
James Murphy
Danelle & John Duffy
Janice Bremec
Debbie Baer
Carole McQuarrie
Berta Schott
Lynn Beisel
Ed Chao
Melissa Hurst
Gary & Vivian Potter
Joyce & Snooki Cirullo
Patrick & Barrie Summers
Sue Aagesen
Brad Benson
Heather Tunnicliffe
Dee Nelson
Kelly Hu
Katey O’Leary
Jamie Braucht
Judy McQuarrie
Ron Hurley
Laura Quinn
Bruce Guilbault
Kristie Lamoree
Tom Murphy
Michael & Eileen Jones
Elizabeth Miller
Margaret Cartier
Chris Edwards
Becky Reynolds
Chris & Heather McQuarrie

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