TEAM ELIXIR- TCS New York City Marathon

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We are thrilled to once again be a charity partner for the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon.

We would like to thank our TEAM ELIXIR members:

Shannon Moore & Brian Cross– Shannon ran the Boston Marathon in support of the Elixir Fund in 2009. This year, she will be joined by her brother, Brian Cross and they will be running in honor of their father Jack.

Myriam Oliver– Myriam Oliver will be joining us from southern, CA. Myriam was the recipient of an “Elixir Comfort Kit” back in 2009. She has stayed with us ever since and has decided she would like to run one more marathon, and chose to do it in support of the Elixir Fund.

Jason Reilly – Jason is the owner of The MAX Fitness in East Windsor. The MAX has chosen the Elixir Fund as the beneficiary of their “Day of Giving” the last two years and Jason decided to join us this year for the marathon.

Meg McQuarrie– director of the Elixir Fund will be running her 3rd New York Marathon in support of the Elixir Fund.

Kurt Heinrich– Kurt was the lucky recipient of an entry through the TCS New York City Marathon and has decided to make his run a little more special by turning it into a fundraiser for the Elixir Fund.

You can support any of the team members by visiting the Elixir Fund’s TCS New York City Marathon crowdrise page or each member’s name above is linked to their specific page.

Thank you in advance for your support and if you would like to come out and cheer us on on November 5, we would love it. Let us know where to look for you.