How you can support someone who is facing a diagnosis of cancer. 

Whether you are looking to provide support to someone undergoing treatment or their caregiver, we have ideas. There are some very simple things that you can do that will provide support and lift the spirits of those dealing with cancer treatment. Below are some ideas for gifts or specific ideas for things that may be helpful to those undergoing treatment and their caregivers.

Gift Cards 
-Grocery stores (particularly for those that deliver)
-Restaurants (again, particularly for those that deliver)
*It is nice when neighbors offer to cook for those facing treatment, but chemotherapy affects your sense of taste; those undergoing treatment may have particular food restrictions; and it limits choice. It is nice to offer gift cards as well.
-Housekeeping services
-Landscaping/yard work services
-Spa gift cards for manicures, massage, or other services
-Yoga classes
-Family outings such as movie tickets, bowling, pottery painting

Other things that you can offer to do:
*Remember to call ahead before you go to visit or help a patient or caregiver and make sure that it is an ok time for you to visit. Remember, do not overstay your welcome.
-Carpools or playdates for the children of those undergoing treatment
-Picking up prescriptions
-Help with pets/walking the dog